Industrial Automation

Automatic Gate Systems

Powertech offers high quality industrial automatic gate opener to our clients. We ensure that the products are in compliance with global quality standards and cater to the variegated needs of our clients.

  • High Speed Door

    Roll-up doors have been designed especially for industrial field usage. Thanks to its opening and closing fast, it facilitates the traffic much more, reduces energy loss and airflow. PVC Roll-up Doors have been made of a special woven PVC fabric and conveyor rail with self-support having metal chassis and they have been provided to operate with electrical system.

  • Dock Leveler

    These Dock Levelers is placed at the outer of the building in a loading bay. Dock levelers are devices used to bridge the gap between the dock and the trailer during loading and unloading. These dock levelers lip is designed to suit various truck sizes & are specifically designed to bridge the difference in height between the loading dock and the vehicle.

  • Dock Shelter

    Dock seals and shelters protect goods against weather and help to reduce energy cost. It prevents theft, product danger condition, insect infiltration, supply a dangerous condition a safety concern. Dock seals and shelters are fabric structures that surround the top and sides of a loading dock door opening

  • Industrial Gate

    Gate Automation is the one of the best technology of 21st century which allows you comfortable living and saving more and more energy and manpower. These electric devices actually enable the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate.Control to stop anytime while gate is moving. Gate automation is used for all type of gates like sliding gate, swing gate, retractable gate, hanger, and aircraft over head gates. We are able to provide you complete solution for all types of gates.