Entry Automation

Doors Are One Of The Most Important Parts Of Any Establishment.

An automatic door is the type of door that is opened and closed by power, spring or both which allows a person enters and exit with great ease and comfort. Automatic doors have a number of useful advantages if compared with the other typical and the traditional hinged doors. They add elegance to superb functionality; combine architectural beauty with efficiency and reliability. The benefits of automatic doors in terms of safety and convenience are more pronounced and significant. With an automatic door, the person need not access the knobs and the locks physically, rather these types of door ensure contact less access. The growing awareness over the years of the need to improve the access and facilities for disabled people has led to the creation of new building regulations and improved standards of access to public buildings. For example, the introduction of The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 means that there is legal requirement for building owners to ensure that there is appropriate access to all public buildings and rented accommodation. For this reason access problems are increasingly being addressed and in many situations automatic and low energy doors offer the solution to these problems.

  • Sliding Gate

    Auto sliding gate operators are equipped with intelligent Microprocessor Controllers deliver extremely Effective energy saving high speed, high torque, quiet non warming features in spite of Continuous operations. These gates are available in single & double panel. They are widely used because their linear movement means they do not require large operating space.This not only allows a flexible processing of customer specific requirements, but also a competitive price structure, to provide world class security solutions. These gates are easy to handle & installed at any given location.

  • Swing Gate

    When there is need of world class security, the ultimate solution is automatic swing gate. The main intention of automatic gate access system is to restrict unauthorized intruders from entering the particular premises using modern security systems. Swing gates generally designed for the domestic and the industrial User. In the case Of Power failure manual operation is always possible.

  • Rolling Shutters

    Wide range of motors for operating pull and push type of shutters, quick to install and can also be installed on existing rolling shutters with ease. The motors do not require periodic maintenance or internal adjustment. Ideal for factories, workshops and godowns etc. It is an energy efficient system provides both protection and security. Manual release system also available.

  • Garage Door

    Automatic Garage Sectional doors are one of the most popular and practical choices for style, safety, security, easy to use and versatile. Sectional doors offer more than just a way to close up your premises. Powertech brings you the best design to suite the esthetics of your home. A good garage is the home for your car, not only a place to park your car.

  • Automatic Barrier

    Automatic boom barrier offers efficient security at the exit and the entry points of factories, office complexes, corporate houses, residential buildings, parking lots, toll tax plazas or any road. It is used to be able to manage security better. The choice of the model of automatic barrier gates depends on the width of the entrance & type of use. Boom barrier are new age traffic control solution for all sites that experience high frequency of vehicular traffic, the entry/exit for which needs to be controlled. The duration of the speeds both fast & slow can be set at the time of installation. Powertech;s boom barrier are attractive & robust.

  • Sliding Door

    These products are widely demanded in both commercial & domestic applications. Sliding doors are made up of two or more panels that slide horizontally, to the left or right on tracks. Auto sliding door systems are space-saving, elegant and modern, their space saving design making it possible for the operator to be concealed in any fa├žade providing designers with the freedom to design.

  • Automatic Turnstile

    Turnstile installed at entrance in order to control traffic by giving access to passer one by one, the 3- armed bar will rotate 120 degree and allow one person to pass through at a time. It is suitable for Recreation grounds, Clubs, Parks, Bus stations, Super markets, Banks, Offices, Petrochemical Plants, Airports, Stadiums, Theaters, Malls, etc. Where traffic is high and need of automatic security.

  • Automatic Bollards

    Bollards are strong, sturdy, easy to install and maintain systems which offers complete peace of mind for protection against terrorist attacks. They are ideally suitable for Defence Establishments, corporates, banks, airports, sports place, dangerous areas, etc

  • These gates are best suited for the openings facing space constraints or do not have parking space. RETRACTABLE GATES are made of high strength metals which provide flexibility, durability & protection as well. Ideally used for big corporate houses, factories, and industrial enterprises, shopping centre, and stadium main entries.