Security Systems

To Build A Completed Security System

Powertech offer a dependable and flexible intelligence security solution. we build a comprehensive security system to protect your entrance security, including baggage scanner,hand held metal detector,finger print scanner,bio & hotel locks.

  • Baggage Scanner

    The device is designed to scan briefcases, carry- on baggage, small cargo parcels. It is high quality single energy X-ray generator. With the superb image algorithm & could offer clear scanning image, which allows operators to identify potential threat items visually.

  • Hand Held Metal Detector

    Hand held metal detector featured with a detection indicator right in the middle of its main body detecting the sizes of detected objects and visualizing in different color (Green to Red), a perfect tool for speeding up security process. The controllable sound and vibration effect is another highlight, security guard can identify the potential dangerous quietly.

  • Finger Print Scanner

    Smart fingerprint update technology which automatically analyze tiny difference of the latest fingerprints VS previous fingerprints and update accordingly to ensure the high accuracy and the optimum speed of fingerprint recognition.

  • Bio & Hotel Locks

    RFID lock with advanced 13.56 MHZ Mifare-1 card technology, which has the ability of reading and writing to the guest and staff cards. The included lock management software offer you an easy “one-click” installation, what you need to do is to click next.

  • Spike Tire Killer

    Spike tire killer is designed to provide security for troops,prisons, road gates,warehouses, wharfs and other key prevention departments,to prevent unauthorized vehicles entering, with high practically, reliability and security.